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Vacuum Pumps

In order to remove the water scale, lime, mud and rust from the casting, rotor, hub, cones and associated piping of your equipment, the following instructions should be used:


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1. Write down the “before” amperage readings, cfm at vacuum capacity and the vacuum in inches of mercury.

2. Take the unit out of service.

3. Remove the bottom drain plug and allow all water to drain from pump casing. Replace bottom plug after the unit is drained.

4. Break seal on water piping and attach a pumping discharge hose.

5. Remove top plug and attach return hose between there and the recirculating bucket.

6. Insert “blanks” in flanges of discharge and suction piping.

7. Add prescribed quantity of EZ-Clean into the circulation loop.

8. In some instances, additional water may be required to maintain circulation.

9. Tighten vacuum pump seal packing to minimize leakage.

10. After 15 minutes of EZ-Clean circulation, turn pump rotor 90º by pulling on the drive belts or jacking the starter switch.

11. Every 15 minutes thereafter, turn rotor 90º to assure a thorough cleaning of interior parts, including hub and rotor.

12. Continue the circulation of EZ-Clean for at least 2 hours or until the foaming stops. Lack of foam indicates depleted or clean equipment.

13. After several hours of circulation time, with intermittent turning of the rotor, the pump should be clean and rotor should turn freely.

14. Shut off the circulating pump and add flush water to the recirculation bucket.

15. Disconnect return hose and run to drain.

16. Restart circulation pump and flush until water runs clear.

17. Disconnect pump and all hoses. Remove all “blanks” in the flanges and reconnect all piping.

18. Open seal water valve, start the vacuum and operate for 10-20 minutes to thoroughly flush the pump. During this time, adjust the seal water rate to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, re-adjust the packing compression to the correct setting.

19. Return the pump to service.

20. After the unit has stabilized, write down the “after” amperage readings, cfm at vacuum capacity and vacuum in inches of mercury.

21. Compare the “before” and “after” readings to determine the effectiveness of EZ-Clean cleaning. Record all information for future reference to schedule the next preventative maintenance cleaning.

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