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Injection Mold Water Passages

Because scale in an insulator, it keeps the water from contacting the surface of the metal and you have to turn your chillers down to make the water colder to remove the heat from the mold. Clean your water passages in your molds right on the machine. By simply connecting the pump station to the water inlets and outlets, then circulating. All the water passages will be clean to the metal, cleaning all insulating scale from the passages and making the mold transfer heat faster. This will increase cycle time, cooling the parts faster and reducing the amount of cooling needed while reducing the burden on your chiller (you won’t need the water as cold).


1. Disconnect the lines of passage connected together with in/out.

2. Run EZ-Clean with a minimum of 1 gallon for 1 hour circulation time.

3. Repeat for each water passage.

4. Flush each passage with water if not being used immediately.

Injection Mold Water Passage

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