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Cooling Towers & Closed Circuit Cooling

EZ-Clean cleaning of cooling towers and closed circuit water cooling systems is usually accomplished while the water cooled equipment is online and without the need of shut down. To dissolve all water scale, lime, rust and dirt from the water side of the equipment, it is IMPERATIVE that the following instructions are followed:


Click here to view Tower & Closed Circuit Cooling Sizing Chart

1. While units to be cleaned are in operation or connected with water flowing to them, shut off make-up water and bleed off to tower and/or sump tank.

2. Open drain valve in bottom of sump tank and lower the water level to a point where pump still circulates without cavitating. If pump sucks air, add minimum amount of make-up water to maintain circulation.

3. In order to clean the entire system including cooling tower, sump tank, pump piping and all associated equipment on tower while system is in operation, you must first determine the tonnage of your cooling tower. Documentation supplied with your tower or nameplate on the tower should indicate the cooling capacity in tonnage.

4. Please refer to the Tower & Closed Circuit Cooling Chart to compute the proper amount needed.

5. SLOWLY, add this quantity of EZ-Clean to the sump pump over at least a two hour period.

6. Circulation time should be at least 5 hours during which all equipment should be online. However, anytime thereafter, the make-up water can be turned on and the bleed-off opened to remove all dissolved solids from the system.

7. In order to purge all insolubles from closed circuit systems, it is suggested that after circulation, the drain valve should be opened and make-up water added until all water in system is clear. Close drain and establish proper bleed-off and make-up.

8. When convenient, it is recommended that the sump tank be drained & flushed and the strainer screen be removed and inspected for any insolubles.

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